liberty of london v9251


Helloooo! It’s been a super hot summer in Philly, but I’ve been over here surviving – you can find me sewing on the weekends in my undies + AC. Please note we took these photos after watering some plants, which is why the ground is half wet. COOL! Nothin’ but professional photography over here, guys.

A few weeks ago I picked up Vogue 9251, even though I pretty recently made a different woven wrap dress pattern (McCalls 7351, blogged here). It was hard for me to resist the simple bodice that came with v9251 and I especially liked the lack of pleats. Though comparing the two patterns now, they’re definitely extremeeeely similar… oops.


I was finally inspired by this fabric that’s been sitting in my stash for a while now. About a year ago Hayden and I stopped by PS Fabrics on our lunch break and somehow we stumbled upon rolls and rolls of Liberty fabric for $10/yd. It wasn’t the best selection, but I did get a few yards of this classic blue print. It works pretty well with this pattern, but I think I prefer a drapey rayon for something like this.


As far as construction, I made some changes! The pattern provides shorter ties that attach at the side, but  I really loved the way the ties wrap around the body and through the right side seam in m7246, so I borrowed that for this dress too. I also added about an inch to the width of the sleeves and cut off a bunch of the skirt so it hemmed just above my knees. I wanted to make sure I had more arm mobility, so I raised the armhole 1/4″ and then slightly flattened the sleeve cap – I think it helped.

The way the wraps’ edges are finished is my favorite method so far – it’s just bias binding, but it’s so much neater than facings and there’s no chance of it flippin’ out. Definitely going to do this from now on.


I love this pattern – it’s the perfect, basic woven wrap dress pattern. I’m planning to make another version with this mustard/grey rayon, but I’m glad I finally used this fabric!