mccall’s 7547 (overalls!)


This was definitely not intentional, but somehow I’ve managed to save my favorite project of the year for my last post of 2017! I made these overalls at the very end of October and have worn them at least once a week since then. I chose this project more as an experiment, but I’m pleasantly surprised at their wearability, even into winter!


I’ve had my eye on a bunch of overalls/dungarees patterns for a couple years at this point, but hadn’t bit the bullet until I found M7547. Of the Big Four patterns, I think McCall’s does a really great job of coming out with styles that mimic what I’m seeing in RTW, without being too out-there or too homemade-looking. I think a big part of choosing patterns from them, though, is having the ability to look past the cover (something I talked about with Andrea at our Sewing Sewcial earlier this month).

In McCall’s I’m a straight size 10, but I sized up to a 12 after checking the Finished Garment Measurements and realizing my fabric didn’t have any stretch – it’s just a black twill I picked up in the Garment District last year. I was worried it might be too lightweight so I was planning on this being a muslin, but the fabric ended up working out really well. If I make overalls again I might use a fabric with stretch, but I don’t think it’s necessary.


Making these was SO fun. I loooove the front pocket shape, especially with the topstitching. I inserted a lapped zipper on the side as instructed, and I think the metal zipper makes it look a lot more professional. I topstitched pretty much everywhere I could, which is my fave.


The only major pattern adjustment I made was the leg width. The pattern has pieces for flared or ‘skinny’ pants, but the slimmer option was still wider than I wanted. I think they would work if the waistband was a bit more relaxed in fit (mine sits right on my waist, which I like), but the looser pants were looking strange on me.


Other than slimming the leg width, I didn’t make any major changes! This pattern fit me really well right out of the package. The straps were just barely long enough, so I’d maybe lengthen them an inch or two just to have some wiggle room in the future, but they worked perfectly fine here.


I thought I’d have a harder time finding shirts to wear with these, but it turns out I have plenty! In caaase you’re wondering about that too, I usually will wear a Linden Sweatshirt, Lou Box Top, or Kalle Shirt. Those also happen to be three of my most-made patterns, ha!


Speaking of the Kalle Shirt, this is my most recent version! I used an April Rhodes rayon that I snagged a couple months ago, and I love how this guy turned out so much. The Art Gallery rayon is a little more lightweight than the Cotton + Steel rayon, which at first was a bit of a turn-off (especially since it was frustrating to cut). But I’m really happy with how this shirt came out! The only change I made was to simply hem the sleeves, instead of using the hem band – a ~design choice~ I made out of sheer laziness.


Whew! Considering that I never thought I’d wear (or make) overalls, I am so proud of these. I think that making my own clothes has made me more adventurous style-wise. Even if the project turns out to be a fail, you still exercised your brain and got a few hours of that lovely sewing machine hum : )


4 thoughts on “mccall’s 7547 (overalls!)

  1. Thanks for taking the time to blog these! I just picked this pattern up and contemplating which mods I want to do. I’m glad to know that it’s pretty true to size! I plan to use stretch denim or twill.


    1. Nice! I would definitely look at the ‘finished garment measurements’ rather than the regular pattern measurements, just so you can decide how much ease you want. Can’t wait to see your version!


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