new look 6493 jumpsuit


I really didn’t think I could wear a jumpsuit, but this pattern changed my mind. New Look 6493 is a surplice wrap bodice + cropped pants, and I looooved making it. Like many others have found, the bodice was too oversized, and I had to increase the amount of overlap in both the front and back to accommodate for that.


The cropped pants hit exactly at the right spot for my height, and I love the amount of fullness. I was really surprised I didn’t need to make any adjustments here! After this jumpsuit I actually made a pair of cropped pants (minus the bodice) with a basic black rayon using this pattern, and they turned out great.


The pockets are a lovely depth and had an interesting construction I hadn’t come across before. I love the elastic waist – it doesn’t feel too frumpy, especially with the separate waist tie.

I have some April Rhodes rayon that I’m planning to use for my next version, and I think I’ll cut a size or two down (this one is a 10). I love that this pattern feels stylish but is still super comfortable. I didn’t think I could pull off a jumpsuit, but this one feels like me!


2 thoughts on “new look 6493 jumpsuit

  1. You look so great in this jumpsuit! I am always inspired to think I can make clothing after reading your posts…..maybe one day! I love seeing what you are doing! Keep it up!!!


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