wiksten haori


Fall came to Philly seemingly-overnight, and now I’m ready for the cooler temps!

I really wasn’t planning on getting caught up in the Wiksten Haori craze. I loved other people’s versions I’d seen floating around, but it wasn’t on my personal mile-long sewing list. Then two Friday nights ago I was sitting on the floor, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy by myself (I’m cool), and I got an overwhelming urge to make the Wiksten Haori and Burnside Bibs. I bought both patterns, got them printed, and started cutting the next day.

For my first version of the Wiksten Haori, I used a Robert Kaufman Essex Linen with a print from the Arroyo collection that I’d been holding onto for a while. I only had enough to make the shortest view, but I ended up loving the silhouette and overall comfy-factor. I was also super happy to have finally used this print, especially for something that I think will get a ton of wear. I’m pretty sure I cut out a size S, but in my next version I sized down further to an XS and it’s still very roomy.


The following weekend, I hopped over to Fleishman’s and chose a natural-colored linen for another jacket and some black linen for a pair of Burnside Bibs. I don’t think I interacted with many humans in the next 24 hours.


I love how slouchy this turned out, but I think my favorite part is the lining fabric. My friend from work brought me back some remnants from her trip to India, and I am over the moon for this beautiful marigold block-print (is it a marigold?). My initial thought was that this would become a summer dress next year, and I think I do have enough left for that, but it felt so good to cut into it right away for a secret detail inside my jacket.



This pattern came together very easily, though it definitely used more fabric than I anticipated. Every seam is neatly enclosed, which I love, and it sews up in just a couple hours. The look feels elevated for something so easy to make.

In these photos I’m also wearing a Lou Box Top, Ginger Jeans, and a simple hat I finished up a couple weeks ago. Think I need another jacket in olive green, maybe lined in flannel…