tania culottes + lou box top

When I moved to Philly last month, Dan got me a bike for my (belated) birthday. Scootin’ around town has been really fun (and a little scary as I learn how to not die on the city streetz), but I’ve learned that there are quite a lot of items in my closet that are decidedly not bike-friendly — I’m looking at you, my many Moss Skirts.


One garment that’s actually worked really well for biking, though, is Megan Nielsen’s Tania Culottes pattern. I made my first pair of these back in January and then proceeded to become obsessed with them. Like everyone else who’s made these, I loved that they looked like a full circle skirt but were actually shorts. Little did I know how useful that would be for me now that I’m a biker giiirl.


Of the three pairs I’ve made so far, these are my favorite. I used a beautiful silk crepe de chine that I fell in love with one afternoon while visiting Mood last year. It’s a periwinkle color that looks a little bit more purple or blue depending on the lighting, and it has a lovely, light drape. I prewashed and dried this in the washing machine, and the only thing that changed was that the fabric lost its sheen, which was fine (and maybe even preferable) with me. The waistband facing is just a piece of chambray I had in my scraps!


I made Version 1 in a size small, but with the extra-large length (they’re quite short otherwise). The waistband is curved and it’s the perfect size and shape for my waist. I let these hang for a day or two before hemming, and the hem stretched out a ton. I think evening out and hemming these is probably my least favorite sewing activity, which is a bit unfortunate since I love the end result so much. Besides the length, I didn’t change anything else when sewing these.


On top I’m wearing a Lou Box Top by Sew DIY. This has become my go-to tshirt pattern — I love the loose, drapey fit, especially in a rayon jersey. When I first started sewing with knits and using my serger I made a bunch of classic tshirts (like the Plantain), but I never really found myself reaching for them in the morning. This looser style is definitely what I gravitated toward when I was buying RTW, so it makes sense that’s what I’d rather put on my body now that I’m making my clothes. It’s STILL so god-dang exciting to make the things that I used to spend time searching for in stores.


Okay be back soon with more sewing!